3 Reasons Why You Want to Buy in Riverdale

Riverdale is one of the hottest, most thriving neighbourhoods in the Toronto area. It boasts an impressive, up-and-coming arts scene, a very diverse melting pot of different cultures and walks of life, and currently has quite a few homes for sale for those on the hunt for a new place to live.

At this very moment, young, hip professionals and new families are flocking to the area due to these particular characteristics. And if you’re one of those few looking to hang their hat in an exciting, new part of Toronto, here are some reasons why Riverdale is the one for you. 

1. Housing Options Aplenty

Fortunately for those who aren’t quite sure what kind of dwelling is going to work best for them just yet, Riverdale homes offer quite a few different options. There are many listings available right now for both condos and traditional homes, and with the market finally bouncing back after a slow summer, the amount of listings is only going to increase from here. 

Having diverse listings to choose from, what you’re able to do as a potential homebuyer is zero in on what you want out of your dream home. Anyone who’s bought a house in the past knows there are many different aspects you have to weigh before you make your final decision. So, being able to review a substantial amount of unique listings can make your search a lot more exciting and ultimately more fruitful in the long run. 

2. Burgeoning Arts Scene

Whether or not you consider yourself an artistic person, having that kind of presence does wonders for any particular neighbourhood. It draws interesting people to the area, offers a lot of different sights and sounds to take in, and gives families a lot more to do in their downtime. 

One of the most popular art events in this part of Toronto is the Riverdale ArtWalk. This two-day showcase of the best-of-the-best in Riverdale art draws over 20,000 people to the area every year and is actually coming up on its 20 year anniversary. And even if art isn’t your favorite thing, browsing around the ArtWalk with your family is a really excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

3. A Little Something for Everyone

Other than the arts scene, there are myriad other things to do in Riverdale that can satisfy really anyone’s individual tastes and interests. Greektown and Chinatown, for example, are cultural hubs within the area and are complete with very true-to-the-tradition restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and so much other local flavors. 

Whether you’re an artist, a purveyor of fancy wine and dining, or simply in need of a place to raise your family in a very colorful, cultural environment, Riverdale is definitely the place for you. Best part is, the neighbourhood is continuing to grow and expand and offer up countless other things to do and experience for those who live there. So, if you’re on the house hunt and haven’t quite found your spot yet, definitely take a visit to Riverdale.

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