Easy Home Improvements Between $200 and $750 to Increase Home Sale Value

A small investment in home improvements can result in a big payoff when you sell your home.  If you are considering putting your home on the market, consider these home improvement tips to increase the value of your home for sale.

Home Improvements Costing $200 -- $400

Professionally Clean Your Home

Hire a professional cleaning service to clean your entire house.  Most people clean their home regularly, but it is easy to miss the little things.  Professional cleaners will approach your space with a fresh eye and clean things you may have overlooked, such as the bathroom ceiling fan or the heating vents.  A complete cleaning leaves buyers with a positive first impression and costs less than $400.


Take time to fix up the lawn.  Plant grass seed, trim shrubs, remove overgrown bushes.  Hire a lawn service to shape hedges and trim the lawn.  This simple step improves curb appeal and increases value when you sell your home.  In winter, make sure the walkways are cleared of snow and ice.  

Make Your Home Seem Bigger

You cannot increase the square footage of your home without an addition, but there are steps you can take to make it appear bigger.  Visual space is vital.  Take steps to make each room seem bigger.  Use window coverings like vertical blinds to let in more light. Avoid heavy, closed draperies.  Consider adding a mirror to a room.  Remove clutter and excess furniture.  Add a $400 shelving and storage unit to get the clutter out of sight.

Add Energy Efficient Fixtures

Ceiling fans add light and create a breeze during the warm months.  Replace old fixtures.  This makes your home more enjoyable now and increases value when you sell your home.  

Make Small Bathroom Updates

Small bathroom updates increase home value.  Replace dated wallpaper.  Replace old lighting.  Consider replacing the bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink.  Inexpensive updates make a significant difference, short of a complete bathroom remodel.

Home Improvements Costing $400 -- $750

Update the Kitchen

Kitchens benefit tremendously from updates less than $750.  Replace an old, stained sink or clunky microwave.  Kitchen updates add maximum value.  Even small kitchen improvements increase the value of your home for sale.

Update a Bathroom

If you have more than $200, consider investing even more in your bathroom improvements.  The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that benefit most from small renovations.  Adding a new, heated tile floor, replacing an outdated vanity, or updating lighting fixture brings significant value to your home.  Installing a whirlpool bathtub can result in a 65% return on investment.

Replace Worn, Dated Carpets, and Rugs

Homebuyers are put off by flooring they know will be replaced immediately.  If possible, replace them all.  If not possible, replace the worst first and replace others as soon as possible.

Maintain Your Home

Maintain your home regularly and keep up with repairs.  Look at each room in your home and list the things broken or in need of repair.  Hire a professional for repairs you cannot make.  A handyman can go through your list quickly and professionally.  If you make regular repairs, it will save major expense when you decide to sell.  Most homebuyers do not want to buy a home in obvious need of repair.  Others will use the condition to offer significantly less money.  Regular maintenance increases the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

Professional Organizers

If you do not have the time or simply are not good at it, hire a professional organizer for a day.  He or she will demonstrate how to keep your home organized.  A clutter free home is easier to sell at a higher price when you decide to sell your home.  

Let Us Work With You

If you are considering selling your home, contact us.  We would love to work with you to decide what improvements may hasten the sale of your home.  We’d also love to help you find the next home of your dreams.  Contact us to discuss your plans.  We look forward to working with you.

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