Downsizing? Tips to Ease the Transition

If you are planning on downsizing, there’s no time like the present to get started.  Downsizing is not as easy as just moving from a large home to a smaller home.  Downsizing requires making lifestyle choices and identifying needs and wants so when you do move into your new, smaller place, you are not overwhelmed with stuff and clutter.  

Planning Your Move

For everything you currently have in your home, you are going to have to decide what you will do with it.  Keep it?  Sell it?  Recycle it?  Give it away?  Throw it away?  Many retiring couples are finding their kids aren’t interested in the family heirlooms.  It is time to start having those conversations with your children if you have them.    

If you have already identified your smaller space, take some time to think about what the new space can accommodate.  You may need to replace your overstuffed couch or downsize your king size bed.  Walk through your space and carefully consider each piece of furniture.  Will it fit in your new space? 

Whether you have identified your new space or not, there are some steps you can take right now.  Will you need dinner service for 12?  Do you wish to keep your snow globe collection?  If you are planning to move from a house to a townhome or a condominium, get into the garage and start looking over your gardening tools, your snow shovels, your lawn maintenance tools.  Start identifying what you plan to do with each item.

Consider Multipurpose Items

When deciding what to keep, or shopping for new items for your new space, keep the word “multipurpose” in the forefront of your mind.  Consider nightstands with storage drawers, and open storage space, rather than just four spindle legs.  Purchase a bench or ottoman with a removable lid to store extra linens, towels, or extra pillows.  Keep the coffee table with storage baskets underneath it.  Each piece of furniture should serve more than one purpose in your new home.  The same is true for kitchen items.  Do you really need a pot just for boiling eggs?  A Jello mold?  What about that storage container designed just for transporting cakes?  How many times do you find yourself transporting cakes each year?  If the answer is “none” or “only once in a while” consider gifting the cake storage container to a family member who has more space.

Only Move What You Love

Most movers charge by weight.  There is no point in spending good money moving items that don’t bring you joy.  In your smaller space, you will be seeing much more of each item you have.  Make sure those items are items you want in your living space every single day.  

If You are Considering Downsizing

Downsizing is not for everyone.  However, if you are considering downsizing, give us a call.  We would love to help you list your home, and find something new that suits your needs.  Contact us for a free no obligation consultation today.

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