Looking at Homes for Sale? Consider Using a Checklist

When looking at multiple homes for sale, sometimes, they tend to blur together.  How can you keep the different homes for sale straight in your memory?  The easiest way is by not relying on your memory.  Use the same checklist on every home for sale you look at.

Consider What You Need


Each family needs different things in a house.  Family size dictates the first need.  How many bedrooms will you need?  The master bedroom for parents is the most important.  How many children does the family have?  Will any children be sharing a bedroom?  Determine the minimum number of bedrooms the house must have.


Now that you have considered your family size and how many bedrooms your family needs, determine how many bathrooms you will need.  Do you need a bathroom for each bedroom?  Typically, the master bedroom will have its own bathroom.  If your children are boys and girls, do you need a bathroom for each gender?  How much will bathroom sharing your family realistically need?  Family peace makes the household run smoother.  After considering family bathroom, will you need a separate “public” bathroom?  This is an issue with multiple story homes.  Are you comfortable having guests use an upstairs bathroom?  Determine the number of bathrooms the house must have.


Every home needs some sort of kitchen.  What does your family need?  Everybody likes a dishwasher, but does your family actually need one?  Again, family peace is crucial. Determine what you need in a kitchen.

Needs Versus Wants

Start your checklist with what you need.  Needs are not negotiable.  Any home for sale must have these requirements.  If a home does not, do not waste time going to that home.  If, after arriving at the home you discover this home for sale does not have everything you need, turn around and leave.  This saves valuable time and avoids a family member falling in love with a home that does not meet your needs.

Consider What You Want

This is an area with more flexibility.  Add to your checklist the things you would like in a home.


How many bedrooms would you like?  For example, you need a master and two bedrooms, but you would like two additional bedrooms so each of your four children can have their own room.  If you frequently have visitors, an additional bedroom for guests may be a want.  Add this to your checklist.


Similar to bedrooms, consider how many bathrooms you want.  Go beyond what you need and consider what you want.  Add this to your checklist.


What would you like in a kitchen?  New appliances, a dishwasher, granite countertops, are just some examples.  Add these to your checklist.


For some, yards should be placed in the need category.  People want different things in a yard.  For some, no yard may be an advantage.  For others, a big yard for children and the dog is a positive.  Add this to your checklist.

Your Checklist

By now, you have a basic list of what you need in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and a yard.  Use an Excel spreadsheet to track your checklist.  Add the following details for the home:

  • Cost of the home
  • Square footage
  • Taxes
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Homeowners association fees
  • Estimate for cost of utilities
  • Other appliances
  • Needed repairs and upgrades
  • Quality and proximity of schools
  • Landscaping features and costs
  • Any other factors important to you and your family

Why Use a Checklist?

The purpose of the checklist is to make sure every home for sale you look at meets your basic needs.  It will also track how a home meets your want list.  The main advantage of a checklist is tracking the home’s features, what you want and what you do not like.  Use the checklist to help you remember the details of each home. 

Downsizing is not for everyone.  However, if you are considering downsizing, give us a call.  We would love to help you list your home, and find something new that suits your needs.  Contact us for a free no obligation consultation today.

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