How to Find the Neighbourhood Right for You

Finding the right neighbourhood shouldn’t be left to chance.  The right home in the wrong neighbourhood almost always ends up being the wrong home after all.  Consequently, we have some tips to help you locate the perfect neighbourhood before you locate the perfect home.  By limiting your search to neighbourhoods you already know suit your lifestyle, you increase the chances of finding the perfect home the first time.

Get the Facts

Start your neighborhood search by researching facts relevant to you and your lifestyle.  The Toronto real estate market truly has something for everyone.  

Even if you don’t have children, or don’t have children that are school aged, knowing if and how many schools are in a given neighbourhood is valuable information.  Also consider researching how many day care programmes might be in the area.  

Consider the crime statistics in a given neighbourhood.  You not only want to know how many but what types of crimes are most commonly committed.  Crime happens everywhere.  No neighbourhood is immune from even violent crime.  However, the question is, comparatively speaking, how does one neighbourhood stack up against another.  

Does the neighbourhood have an association?  A community watch group?  A strong community presence?  Some people find neighbourhood groups essential to a happy home.  Others find them toxic or suffocating.  Only you know what suits your needs best.

Search for parks in the neighbourhood.  Also consider whether recreation centres are present in the neighborhood or close by. These can enhance the livability of a neighbourhood.  

Take a Field Trip

Once you’ve narrowed down potential neighbourhoods, take a trip to visit.  Get out of your car and walk around.  Do the houses have curb appeal?  Are the lawns well-tended?   Are there pedestrians?  Do you see women walking alone or with children?  Visit the area at different times of the day and night.  How does it feel?  Different Toronto real estate markets really do have different personalities.  Finding your neighbourhood is a little bit like blind dates.  You may need to explore for a while before you find what you want. 

Take the time to consider sources of noise.  Is the neighbourhood close to a highway?  Are there train tracks running behind the houses?  Is there a shipping yard close by?  Some people find such noises annoying, while other people find them soothing.  There is no “right answer,” just informed answers.  

Consider Your Lifestyle (Or Your Desired Lifestyle)

So much of what constitutes the “right neighbourhood” lies in what a given person wants or needs.  Whether you want to walk to work, have the option of public transportation, or wish to shop local from smaller merchants are all important considerations.  Perhaps you long for the anonymity that comes from a neighbourhood that requires a commute to get anywhere.   The good news is, in Toronto, real estate options abound.

Imagine yourself living in a given neighbourhood.  Take some time to talk to the neighbors, if you can.  Your Toronto real estate agent also has experience with various neighbourhoods in the Toronto area.  

Looking for a Home?

Whether you have a neighbourhood in mind or are starting from scratch, our Toronto Real Estate agents can help you find your dream house.   We have the experience you need to explore Toronto and the Greater Toronto area.  Contact us today at any one of our convenient neighbourhood locations. 

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